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Water Script

Wakilur Rahman
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4/1 Lalmatia Liberty
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Untitled, 92 x 67 cm, etching/aquatint, oil on paper, 1998-2007
Untitled, 92 x 67 cm, etching/aquatint, oil on paper, 1998-2007

We are constantly in the process of transformation. Our bodies, our souls, our minds are being modified through new knowledge, experiences, aesthetics, and by nature.

But we cannot ignore or eliminate our history, our experiences. It is not reasonable, even not possible.

Some religions state that beings will be reborn again. I think everybody wishes they could start their life anew at least once in their life; to do everything in a better or in a different way. For me the feeling of renewal or rearrangement is empowering and positive.

Rearrangement means to readjust, to reassure, to rebuild, to recant, to recast, to reclaim, to recompose, to reconsider, to recover. To recreate, to reduce, to re-examine, to refine, to refresh, to regain, to remark, to remind, to renew.

Rearrangement means to remove, to repair, to replace, to reprint, to add something new, to create a new atmosphere, a new mood, a new tension, a new aesthetic, and a new meaning.

Rearrangement is necessary. We should rethink or rearrange our way of life. We should reconsider our attitude towards ecology, society, politics, economy, consumerism, morality, communication, and aesthetics.

As an artist, I work every day. Consciously or unconsciously I leave my mental, psychological, physical mark on my work. However, a lot of pieces are never shown. The cause is hesitation, confusion, and despair. I then rework the same piece. That’s what I call Rearranged. I don’t want to ignore the old marks but at the same time I want to show my present perception about my art.

The works I present in this exhibition were first done between 1990 to 2003 and then reworked in 2007.

Presently I am dealing with the perception of space, with emptiness, silence, motionlessness, meditation, flatness, simplicity, and minimalism in the context of Eastern philosophy.